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Embed an Intelligent Assistant on your brand channels in lightning speed, with Stackchat.

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Stackchat, your enterprise chatbot platform for 

Easily create an Intelligent Assistant for your brand

Stackchat allows you to easily create a voice and/or chat assistant that brings your brand’s personality and utility to any digital screen.

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Introducing Stackchat Studio: where it all happens

Build and manage sophisticated AI-powered voice and chat experiences on any channel and watch your audience engagement go from strength to strength ?

AI-Powered intent recognition

Ensure your Intelligent Assistant can "guess" what your customer is asking about, even if they say it in an unexpected way.

Dialog management

Go beyond simple Q&A and enable your Intelligent Assistant to have complex and meaningful conversations with your customers.

Systems integration

Do you have custom logic just for your business? All good! With Stackchat, you can connect to your back-end systems and display customised results in a flash, right in the chat.

Human-AI hand-off

Your Intelligent Assistant can loop in one of your agents at any point for sensitive issues, or you can give your support staff the ability to offload easy conversations back to the Intelligent Assistant.

Enterprise security

Do you have extra security or audit regulation requirements? All your data is encrypted at rest and in transit and your customer's data is both encrypted and isolated in a dedicated database.

Reporting and monitoring

Voice and chat experiences should deliver tangible value for customers and the brand. Stackchat’s reporting shows how your Intelligent Assistant is performing and how it can improve.

Control your customer data and embed a voice assistant directly in your website or mobile apps, with Stackchat.

Use Voice UI to get personal with customers

Engage in deeply personal, one-on-one conversations with your customers through our AI-powered enterprise voice and chat platform.

Age of Immediate Engagement

When you listen to your customers and immediately respond to their needs with useful content and conversations, you drive deep, loyal engagement with your brand.


Talk to your audience in the ways they’re most familiar with, voice and chat, and prepare your brand for the conversational future.

Enterprise-ready for maximum confidence

Get to market in lightning-speed with the confidence that our voice and chat platform ticks all your enterprise compliance boxes.

Data Encryption & Isolation

Your customer data is fully isolated and encrypted at rest and in transit.

Pre-built Integrations

Our pre-built integrations allow you to supercharge your customer conversations by connecting your existing CRM, analytics, and marketing cloud solutions to Stackchat’s Conversational Cloud.

Elite Support & SLA's

Take comfort in knowing you'll have a robust SLA and a crack team of conversational experts to support you before during and long after your Intelligent Assistant has launched.

Professional Services

Stackchat's consulting team offers best-of-breed professional services on flexible terms for both project and support work.

End-to-end support to ensure your success

We’re not just a revolutionary voice and chat platform that you buy off the shelf; Stackchat provides a managed service which means we’ll be with you in the trenches from day one, helping to drive adoption and success for your voice and chat initiatives.

Choosing the right voice and chat platform is just the start and only a part of your voice and chat journey. Our team of experts delivers intensive, hands-on support and guidance for marketing and technology teams to give their programs the best chance of success.


Embed our web messenger on your website.

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Embed our web messenger in your iOS app with our native Swift embeddable widget.


Embed our web messenger in your Android app with our native Java embeddable widget.

Facebook Messenger

Allow customers to chat with your Intelligent Assistant via Facebook Messenger.


Allow customers to chat with your Intelligent Assistant via WeChat.

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Connect Adobe Marketing Cloud to your Intelligent Assistant

Get in touch to find out how you can leverage your existing analytics, DMP and personalisation tools in voice and chat.


Create a successful conversational strategy

Within the next five years, brands can gain big advantages over their competitors by investing in integrated and personalised voice and chat experiences for their customers.

Stackchat helps marketers and brands develop their conversational strategy. We help you build ambitious and sophisticated conversational experiences that enhance your existing customer journey, leverage the power of your existing marketing platforms and technologies and deliver measurable business impact.

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Voice on your website

Allow your customers to speak directly with your website by embedding a voice-enabled intelligent assistant directly in your website or native mobile apps.


Connect to Social Channels

Chat with your customers on Facebook, WeChat and Whatsapp and send them targeted push notifications based on audience segmentation.

Easy Dialog Management

Stackchat's point-and-click dialog editor makes it easy for anyone to create sophisticated, AI-drive chat experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The Stackchat platform is a SaaS solution. You get charged a monthly or annual license fee based on message volume. Cost will vary depending on the level of support you require and the size of your audience. Contact Us for a quote.

How long does it take to build?

Your scope will determine the actual build time, but we can typically get you into market in 6-8 weeks with a fully productionised, enterprise solution.

What languages do you support?

Stackchat works with 12+ languages, including English, Mandarin, Spanish and more. Get in touch for more details.

Do I need developers?

Stackchat Studio is built for marketers with minimal technical skills, so you can start building your Intelligent Assistant straight away, however developers will be needed for integration with your internal systems. Stackchat's professional services team can do this for you or we can work with your in-house dev team.

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