Don't talk at your customers.
Have a conversation with them.

Your customers have high expectations when it comes to brand interactions. Smart marketers use Stackchat’s technology, fuelled by powerful AI and proprietary data, to drive personalised, one-on-one conversations across all chat touchpoints.


Built for marketers

Engage in deeply-personal, one-on-one conversations with your customers through our enterprise chatbot platform.

When you listen to your customers and immediately respond to their needs, you drive deep, loyal engagement with your brand. Talk to your audience in the format they love most – chat – and prepare your brand for the conversational future.

Discover how brands use Stackchat

Introducing Stackchat Studio

Build, manage, and distribute sophisticated chatbots on any channel and watch your audience grow 🤖.

Connect to any chat app
Connect to any chat app

Launch your brand on every major chat platform to reach more customers and gain exciting prospects.

marketing cloud integration
Marketing Cloud integration

Leverage powerful marketing cloud features such as audience segmentation, personalised content, customer report suites, i18n, and translation.

Actionable Analytics
Actionable Analytics

Gain valuable insights about the effectiveness of your chatbots to help guide your conversational strategy.

AI Powered

Our AI game is strong. With Stackchat you get powerful, custom-built Natural Language Processing, automated learning signals, and dynamic A/B testing to pick optimal conversational routes.

Human take-over
Human take-over

When your bot needs a human to take over, you will receive instant alerts. You can then chat live with your customer, while auto-training your AI models to learn from these human-to-human conversations.

Flexible Workflows
Flexible workflows

One size never fits all. That’s why we’ve created easy-to-use web and mobile tools so you can hand-craft logical conversational routes within your chat experience. Because you know your customers best.

Your brand in China

With conversational specialists in our Sydney and Shanghai offices, Stackchat offers a unique opportunity to tap into the Chinese market and access the nearly 1 billion people monthly who use the number one Chinese social media platform, WeChat.

We know WeChat

More than ⅓ of all time spent on mobile phones in China is spent on WeChat1. The majority of users engage with branded accounts for up to one hour per day2. Let our WeChat specialists create an amazing WeChat experience for your brand.

Win big in China

Most WeChat users only follow 20 brands at a time2, making competition for users fierce. Your brand’s conversational experience must be world-class to excel in the biggest mobile market in the world. We can help you win big in China – contact us now to find out how.

Enterprise Ready

Our pre-built integrations allow you to supercharge your customer conversations by connecting your existing CRM, analytics, and Marketing Cloud solutions to Stackchat’s Conversational Cloud.

  • Encrypt messages at rest and in transit.

  • SSO, system authorization, 2FA and custom password policies.

  • Tools for data retention, archiving, and auditing.

  • Define granular user permissions, groups and approval workflows.

  • Coordinate chatbot updates, staged deployments and versioning.

Your conversational strategy

Within the next five years, customer-centric organisations will gain tremendous advantages through integrated and personalised conversational experiences.

Talk to Stackchat about developing your brand’s global conversational strategy so you are prepared for the chat-centric future. We will help you build ambitious and sophisticated conversational experiences that seamlessly fit into your existing customer journey and leverage the power of your existing tools, with measurable conversions down-funnel.

Your customers ❤️ chat

Engagement levels for well-crafted chat experiences are off the charts. Stackchat helps you create a zero-friction brand experience that your customers will love.

acquire customers at scale

Acquire new customers at scale

Only the Stackchat Conversational Cloud enables you to earn your customer's attention with personalised, one-on-one, cross-channel conversations. Our AI cloud technology allows you to build intelligent conversational experiences that scale to millions of users.

Conversational Use Cases

Influencer marketing

An Influencer Marketing campaign will give your audience the exciting chance to chat directly with your brand ambassador. Talk to Stackchat about how to reach consumers who are becoming more and more immune to traditional digital advertising.

Know your customer

Onboarding new customers is tricky, but we’re here to help you tackle that challenge. The low-friction chat experience is perfect for asking frequent, short, and simple questions, which is a highly-effective way to gather normally out-of-reach customer data.

Conversational commerce

Chat can do what traditional retail experiences cannot. Chat can build brand loyalty by understanding an individual customer’s needs, timing, price-elasticity, and sentiment. Put simply, chat delivers an expertly-tailored shopping experience that builds deeper loyalty and higher conversions.

Improve your digital advertising

Get better value from your ad spend by driving advertising traffic to your brand's bot experience. Your bot can engage customers in one-on-one conversation and send them notifications in the future.

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1 Source: Questmobile.
2 Source: GlobeOne, WeChat official account follower survey 2016, N=2000.