Stackchat Studio:

The Ultimate Conversation Builder

Enable any member of your organisation to quickly build, test and deploy custom chatbots.

Step 1

Design your Chatbot

Write your chat script

Organise your conversations

Configure your workflows

Connect to your APIs

More than just text. Add images, menus, buttons and cards to give your bot style and functionality.

Step 2

Train AI

Add AI Smarts

Give your users an authentic conversational experience with keywords and natural language processing.

Give your Users a Voice

Embed a voice assistant directly in your website by enabling Stackchat's voice mode to meet user needs and enhance accessibility with AI-driven speech-to-text.

Step 3


Connect your Business to the World

Stackchat omnichannel messaging lets you reach your users on their preferred channels such as Facebook Messenger, your website, WeChat Mini Programs and WeChat Official Accounts.

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Build multilingual chatbots

Create your chatbot in any language. Our proprietary Conversation Design Markup Language makes it easy to build a "master" bot in any language and then programatically translate it to other languages.

Integrated with the companies you love

We don't want to change the way you work - we just want to improve it. Stackchat natively integrates with all the tech you're already using.

Connect your chatbot to Adobe Experience Cloud

Take advantage of your existing investment in Adobe Analytics, AEM Assets and other Experience Cloud products by bringing their power to your customer conversations.


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